Rudy Van Gelder and Alfred Lion


Rudy Van Gelder and Alfred Lion

recording Donald Byrd’s live 1960


“At The Half Note Cafe”

© Francis Wolff

“At The Half Note Cafe”

Introduction by Ruth Mason Lion

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Ruth Mason Lion

Model Ruth Mason appare anche in queste copertine prima di diventere moglie di Alfred Lion – Eng – Model Ruth Mason also appears in these covers Get going before the wife of Alfred Lion

Dr. Ruth Lion’s late husband, Alfred Lion, was the founder of Blue Note Records. Together they played a colossal role in the documentation of jazz throughout most of the 20th century. The long and impressive list of artists they recorded and promoted reads like a Who’s Who of Jazz including Monk and Gillespie to Rollins and Silver. Her charming personality and warm demeanor resulted in the close friendship with many of the recording artists in jazz. Dr. Lion provided wonderful insight into this era as well as stories behind many of those classic recordings.  Dear Ruth passed away on May 20, 2011, however, the work she did to document jazz music will live forever – SOURCE AND VIDEO OF – Ruth Mason Lion.

Donald Byrd – Off To The Races 1958

Donald Byrd - Off To The Races 1958 Photo Francis Wolff

Donald Byrd – Off To The Races 1958

Photo Francis Wolff

Donald Byrd – Stepping into tommorrow – 1974


Donald Byrd – Stepping into tommorrow – 1974

“Think Twice”

Vocal Fance Mizell

“Another Gems”

Donald Byrd – Places and Spaces 1975


Donald Byrd – Places and Spaces – 1975

Vocals Fance Mizell and Larry Mizell

“Uno Dei Grandi”