Ava Gardner & Artie Shaw 1945

Artie Shaw And Ava Gardner

Ava Gardner, former wife of Mickey Rooney, is seen with her new husband, bandleader Artie Shaw, shortly before their surprise marriage in Hollywood. It was the fourth marriage for Shaw – L’attrice con il secondo marito il jazzista Artie Shaw; un matrimonio durato meno di sei mesi a cui ha fatto seguito un rapido divorzio nel 1946. «Quel bastardo mi ha spezzato il cuore. Certo nella mia vita sentimentale c’è stata una costante: ho sempre scelto l’uomo sbagliato nel momento sbagliato», ha rivelato la grande star al giornalista Peter Evans.The actress with her second husband the jazz musician Artie Shaw; a marriage lasted less than six months which was followed by a quick divorce in 1946. “That bastard broke my heart. Certainly in my love life, there was one constant: I always chose the wrong man at the wrong time, “revealed the big star journalist Peter Evans

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Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner

Frank Sinatra, Ava Gardner

Frank Sinatra, Ava Gardner The blue-eyed crooner became so infatuated with Gardner that he eventually left his wife Nancy for the femme fatale actress. Their marriage (his second, her third), though, couldnÕt last, as jealousy amid many rumors of infidelity ultimately led to its undoing.

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